#1 Houston vs Memphis Basketball Recreation Highlights 3 5 2023

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1 Houston vs Memphis Basketball Recreation Highlights 3 5 2023 I don’t intend to say the copyright of any recreation video uploaded.


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  1. This could be a final 4 matchup: or final; Memphis has the defense the stymie Houston: I think memhis could beat them; coach penny and the crew will study this game

  2. We have lost so many close games this year. We NEED to convert on turnovers. We forced Houston to 5 straight turnovers and only got 2 pts out of it. We got to close out teams, especially the top 25 teams. It's a shame we will lose this team in conference, we always lose great teams and matchups due to realignment.

  3. DeAndre Williams = Offensive push-off machine! If the refs called against him for all of the push-offs that he does he would be fouled out by the first half! Now I know why he's still in college being over 26 years old, NBA teams knew he won't make it in the league because he fouls too much and won't last any more than a quarter of an NBA game before being fouled out!

  4. Top ranked teams get challenged every game because everyone gives them their best. Memphis and UH have always played each other tough despite the rankings or records. Free throws kept Memphis in this game. Memphis had the huge crowd 18,500 into it and their players played really hard. Would of been easy for Cougars who had nothing to gain by winning other than beating their biggest rival. Great game.

  5. i feel bad for Houston fans. yall bout to get a rude awakening from thinking your 2 lose team good… in a DOG SHIT conference.

    in the SEC you are easily an 8-9 loss team. I HOPE TO GOD we get yall as a 1 seed

  6. This game was so intense to watch, the foul trouble and unnatural plays being made, so much on the line. Extremely happy and proud the Coogs surmounted Memphis for the victory given the amount of foul trouble and points especially that came from the fouls Memphis was picking at the free throw line.

    Also, credit to Memphis for always being our competitor and rival for basketball, there is no other school that has it like them. Out of all the other schools in the AAC that should absolutely be ranked, it should be Memphis since Houston will be gone- in that regard, yall have respect for being true and real contenders.

    PS: Thanks for the "class" you gave to our Coogs and displayed trying to get to their side of the court.

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