Orlando Magic vs. Los Angeles Lakers Complete Recreation Highlights | Mar 19 | 2022-2023 NBA Season

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Orlando Magic vs. Los Angeles Lakers Complete Recreation Highlights | Mar 19 | 2022-2023 NBA Season.


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  1. Can we get rid of that cancer lebron James now please. They seem to be a better team without him and frankly I think they really haven't had a spectacular record with him over the years

  2. After the season is over Rob Pelinka will trade away Lebron and AD and they are too old. It will be Clipper nation, not Laker nation that shares the same arena. The days of Kobe Bryant generation is over. Shaq knows.

  3. Lakers put too much emphasize on Lebron and AD. I don't think they will make the playoffs. The play in tournament most likely. Clippers are in a better shape and their bench is deeper. Tyron Lue is an excellent coach and he knows Lebron. He coached him in Cleveland. You have Kawhi and Norman both won the NBA championship in Toronto back in 2019. That experience helps with Terence Mann, Paul George, Ivica Zubic, Plumelee and the rest.

  4. Bru???? everybody better embrace when we love them n give them nick names etc????????????, cause look at how we did Russ???????????????????????? we all love ar15 ????????

  5. Just saying all these younger teams like the rockets,Orlando, spurs gone make the other team run but the lakers not playing any fast paced team in the playoffs so we definitely good

  6. Reeves for an undrafted player man. How could he go undrafted. Just wow. He isn't the best but certainly much better than many drafted and fpr,er 1 pick busts. How could this guy go undrafted? Must have something to do with the fact his dad didn't play in the NBA.

  7. Who is Anthony Davis? I just don't get it. 15 points after 'taking responsibility' for the previous game's meltdown, and needing Austin Reaves to save the game for the Ls?
    Why can't he live up to his promise on a daily basis?

  8. Lakers cannot close out on defense. Too many easy uncontested shots and terrible defensive switches. Too worried about shooting outside the perimeter and scoring close to 120 points. Superstars need to have urgency to want to make the playoffs and blow out smaller franchises not allow them to score 100+ per game.

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