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shaq will get dunked on mutombo ( btw I'm 76ers)
Giant Bob Will get Dunked On By means of Ltv #shorts
I dunked in this dude
Throwback when Tatum dunked on LeBron
Jayson Tatum dunked over James Harden with one hand slam #nba #shorts #brief #shortsfeed #nba2k23


  1. Great game by both teams!
    For the Knicks, this was a heartbreaking loss but the T'Wolves got revenge after losing to the Knicks by >10 points during the last meeting between these two teams.

  2. Knick's management should seriously think about bringing someone like Charles Oakley to teach the players how to control the areas under the boards. Can't allow second and third shot attempts by the opposing teams, control the boards, positioning, rebounds

  3. Amazing game by Randle….but don't mean nothing without the win. Maybe he should learn to play defense. He got scored on so many times.

  4. This was definitely a must win for my Wolves. Let's take care of the Hawks and then hopefully either Ant or Kat come back for this upcoming 5 game west series. Next week will make or break us.

  5. Highlights put together by a Knicks homer, eh? If I was watching these highlights without the score showing onscreen, I'd think the Knicks were kicking the Timberwolves asses all the way through Minnesota and into the Dakotas. Tuned in to see my team's winning highlights…what a joke.

  6. This was the first Knicks game I've watched all year. Does Randle always look as if he just found out his kid wasn't his and is ready to fight everyone in the room?

  7. What an awful loss…at home with this performance from Randle…it will probably put a battery in his back, but this team isn't it's best when he is focus, because no one fears him making others better…give up 140 to a wolves team with no explosive scorer and stare down Refs and look like someone else did it to you…not the look…playoff preview. Thibs need to focus on that ball movement and defense over iso through Randle and absolute not RJ

  8. Wow…Knicks shot 53% while Minny shot 61 plus %….good shooting by both teams….and I ain't made the Knicks lost….We just gotta keep plugging away…and target that 4th seed for the playoffs….

  9. The fact that the Knicks gave up 140 points to the Wolves without their 2 best players should be a concern for them. Round of applause for Taurean Prince and Randle. They both were phenomenal tonight. The Wolves knew this was a must-win, and they played like it.

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