Toledo vs Michigan Basketball Sport Highlights, 2023 NIT First Spherical

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Toledo vs Michigan Basketball Sport Highlights, 2023 NIT First Spherical I don’t intend to assert the copyright of any sport video …


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  1. We need coach Beilein back! He had Mich Bball program at full throttle… consistently! Howard let this team go down hill in only his 3rd year!????????????

  2. Why Michigan's in the N.I.T is on full display. Absolutely no interest in playing any defense, Been like this from game 1. Too bad because if they did they could have won 5 or 6 more games easily.

  3. Mathew, you are the best. I always look for you first.
    The March Madness highlights are a pale shaddow in comparison. It's a pity you can't be hired as a subcontractor to them for the MCAA tournament.
    — From a subscriber.

  4. Toledo lost the MAC champ game to Kent State prior to this, so their last two games had stands full of folks glad in blues and golds. At least the pics will look good in the Media Guide next year …

  5. When Jett doesn't play I see a better flow w the offense n defense… not saying he hasn't been a asset I jus feel he needs to find his role for the team…he's not our first or second option at all… maybe the 3rd but hope this time he off the court he realizes what he needs to bring to make the team more complete

  6. If Toledo played any defense at all, they probably would’ve been in the Dance this season. But, they’re not a bad team—at all. As far as Michigan is concerned, I think their NIT comes to an end vs Vandy. Vandy is a very solid squad and I don’t think that Michigan matches up well against them. But hey, we’ll see.

  7. Old guy here, 73 años. B.S. Math '74 Purdue University… just wanted to drop in, Matt and say, '¡Holy Toledo!' Yeah, perhaps the mind is starting to go. Gracias por tus videos. RT sends, Colonia Centro HIstórico, Puebla, México…

  8. all those Michigan turnovers. My opinion, turnovers were cost them many games that were close. Incredible this team never solved that major issue. Vandy will most likely put an end to Michigan's season. Toledo had four turnovers while Michigan had 14. Double digit turnovers down the stretch for Michigan. At least the last half dozen games. Just baffled why that was not corrected.

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